Postnatal Depression – a man’s world

I watched a movie called Tully the other night – starring a brilliant Charlize Theron – which dealt with postnatal depression and post-traumatic stress disorder relating to childbirth. A powerful movie which highlighted mental health in a unique way.

In my opinion, this is a man’s world (in the negative sense) and what women go through to bring another life into this world is nothing short of amazing. Postnatal depression is all too common. I know people who have had it and¬†people who are currently going through it and like any mental health issue, more attention needs to be put into giving mothers the time, care, attention and support they need to navigate through it. There’s light at the end of every tunnel and while postnatal depression effects mothers, if not handled correctly and sympathetically, it can have long term effects on an entire family. For those of you going through it, keep the chin up, talk about it and don’t ever feel ashamed or ostracised. Those days are gone…or maybe not.

Thousands of mothers left to cope alone with mental illness