Things That Men Do That Drive Women Potty

Many moons ago I wrote a tongue-in-cheek- piece about things that women/mums do that drive men potty. It got quite a reaction to say the least, particularly from people who possibly weren’t used to my humour/writing style at the time.

So to balance things up, I decided to ask my very loyal and vocal Facebook followers to list some of the things that their partners do that drive them potty. My intention was to use this ‘research’ to put together a somewhat definitive list, but let’s just say I got more than I bargained for!

Here are just a few of the very honest and funny comments that I received. Enjoy and thank to everybody who ‘participated’!

Ruth spoke about her man: Where do I start?! Clean the kitchen but always fail to actually wipe down the worktop! Wet towels on the bed. Using 500 pots to make one dinner! Taking socks off in the living room while watching TV and just leaving them there. Beard stubble left all over the sink when he trims his beard! Arghhhhhhhhh!

Nicky: Hmmmmm 1. Men who can’t fix things… should pay for a professional in the first place!!!! eg, my husband who put floating shelves up…. only the…things floated off the wall and brought loads of plaster off with it….. had to pay a plasterer … a decorator to fix said wall and the bloody shelves have been in the garage for 10 years on the floor!!!!

– Ohhhhh when they use the towels that are only used for visitors!!!!! Drives me insane

– Sitting on the toilet for an hour whenever anything needs doing!!!!

– Dads who panic when one of the kids, sneezes farts and sh*** at the same time…. the look of lost bewilderment on dads face is hysterical!!! ( where do I clean first)

– Dads….. when kids are happy it’s down to them…. when kids are being [a pain] it’s because mum is too soft on them…. had nothing to do with the ton of E numbers dad has just fed them to keep them happy and quiet

– Ooooooo this is like therapy!!!

Tara: Wet towels in MY SIDE of the bed 😡😡😡

Ruth: Leaving shoes in sitting room at night time and not bringing them up! .Leaving dishes on the counter over the dishwasher and not putting them in the dishwasher!! Making plans for their day off and not asking what the rest of the family would like to do. Saying they are starving and expecting their wife to make something for them.

When they say remind me to take my tablets etc….When they [sic] can’t find something the whole house is in turmoil. Not noticing when the house has been cleaned but does notice when it’s not done. Leaving dirty clothes on the floor and not pick them up! After cutting grass walks across clean floor and leaves grass everywhere.

Jennifer 1. Telling me I’m hormonal. 2. Telling me “oh your obviously due your monthlys 3. Telling me “easy knowing you have just finished your monthly 4. Telling me to relax 5. Telling me to calm down 6. Telling me I’m as mad as my sister. .. 😂😂😂 I’m sure I will think of six more…

Anna: Creating a pile of clothes that they think aren’t dirty enough for laundry and can still be worn the next day, but too dirty to go back in the wardrobe and then NOT wearing those clothes so they create this pile of semi-clean/semi-laundry clothes in the bedroom. 

Oh and I completely agree with the wet towels on the bed and sitting on the toilet with smartphones for ages while at least two of the three kids are crying :p

The Lazy Dad

Nicky: Dads think farts are funny!!!!

Oisineagh: Sitting on the toilet for ages to get out of doing stuff and needing to go to the toilet at the worst possible time!

Kristin: When he’s looking for something THAT’S RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIS FACE. Not being able to tell the difference in children’s clothes by looking at them…my oldest was wearing a 3/4 length tracksuit….because it was his 2-year-old brothers his dad put on him. 3/4 length tracksuit and wellies is not a nice sight

Rita Not changing the toilet roll once finished – places new one sitting on top of empty gggrrrrrrr

LouiseAll of the above….along with walking away mid-sentence. Telling me men cannot multi-task when I ask him to do two things at a time like put the dishes in the dishwasher and turn on the kettle!! However he can go to the toilet and read his smartphone at the same time!

Does not recall of our conversations which involves some sort of output from him but distinctly remembers some stupid fact the lads told him!! Has a panic attack when the kids have a dirty nappy!

Oh and don’t get me started on his runny nose/I’m dying….. I can hardly function crap! [Messes] around all evening but when it’s time to give me the baby he moves so fast!! Never organizes anything till the last minute and then massive panic looking for stuff!

Andrea: You know that game…the one where they get the dishes as close as possible to the dish washer without actually putting them in. That. That’s the one

Sue: Throwing Jocks on the floor RIGHT BESIDE the wash basket, thought the wash basket was in an awkward spot? Went on holidays together, same deal!!!

Gemma: Toenail clippings just do it over the bin/bathtub/outside. I was walking to the shops one day, there was an itch on my leg, I fold down my sock to find a toenail caught in the threads😷😷😷

SaraSocks in the lounge. Empty loo roll left in the bathroom. Never locking the doors – car or house. Presuming food will just appear at mealtimes 30 mins after being asked for washing, fills the washing basket. Need I add more??

Denise: Pretending to be asleep to get out of doing night feeds. Sitting on the toilet for 90 minutes playing games. They’re just the top two.

Samantha: I’m really lucky as my husband does absolutely nothing to annoy me. 😍Said no woman ever!!

1. Socks. Taking socks off and leaving them all over the sitting room.2. “Helping me”. Taking out a wash that’s just finished and leaving the damp clothes in a pile ready to be hung up..but NOT hung up. Usually on a bed making the bed damp too.3. Not being able to explain no.2 without him getting the hump.4. Deciding he needs to do something “very” important 5 minutes before dinner is ready and then being annoyed that he has to leave this very important job to eat the dinner I’ve made. 5. Not wanting to do anything on a Sunday because he wants to relax at home but getting irritated by 4pm cause he has cabin fever. 6. Asking me where things are without even looking for them!

Emer:I love my wonderful husband but he has a genetic disorder called “CantSeeItRightInFrontOfYou-itis” 😂 my lovely father-in-law and my 3 sons all suffer from it

You can find the full list of comments on my Facebook page and if you’ve any to add yourselves feel free to comment below.



One thought on “Things That Men Do That Drive Women Potty

  1. What’s interesting is that women find the actions of men annoying, whereas your list of things women do that annoy men was almost all centered around the way we look or choose to look. Maybe if men didn’t hold our appearance in such high regard we wouldn’t take so long getting ready and feel the need to wear so much makeup?


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